Day 658: Food bank balance

Photo credit: Moi

Each time I make a trip to the grocery store, I’ve been trying to remember to buy a couple of extra things for the Daily Bread Food Bank bin at the front of the store.

Here’s their list of most needed items:

· Baby formula & baby food
· Beans & lentils
· Canned fruits & vegetables
· Canned fish & meat
· Cans of soup or hearty stew
· Dried pasta & tomato sauce
· Macaroni & cheese
· Peanut butter
· Rice
· Canned, powdered or Tetra Pak cartons of milk

Unfortunately, I did not have that list with me when I was at the store… in fact, I didn’t even have my own shopping list with me. So, as per usual, I just winged it. (Although now I see I did pick an item on the list… go figure.)

Is there anything finer on a cold winter's day?

One item I knew I needed myself was that Canadian classic comfort food … Kraft Dinner … so hey, I thought, why not double up my purchase and add those to the food bank bin.

It’s a good thing the KD boxes are compact because, as you can see in the picture up top — the bin was overflowing with nonperishables. Go, team!

P.S. Instead of a song for the day, here’s a rant for the day from a tiny tike who is now my hero. Enjoy!


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