Day 659: Starbucks street-team

Photo credit: yedman (click pic 4 source)

Sometimes — like the photographer who took this amazing shot — you look up at just the right time to catch a special moment.

That happened to me today as I walked around the corner. I was freeeezing, hands jammed in pockets, with one eye on the traffic light counter (I only had four seconds left!

When I successfully reached the other side before the clock ran out, I looked up just in time to see a good deed in progress.

A business woman was coming out of the Starbucks on the corner and she smiled and handed the homeless man sitting across from the door a wrapped sandwich. His face lit up with a toothless grin as he nodded a thank you, she smiled back and off she went.

And me? Earlier in the day I spotted three pennies and two nickels on the sidewalk. As much as I love finding lucky pennies, I resisted the urge to pick them up … figured someone else might come along who needs the spare change more than I do.

P.S. Song for today: “Unloved” by two of my favourite singer-songwriters, Jann Arden and Jackson Browne. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 659: Starbucks street-team

  1. Geez…..I missed reading this post. Yes, the posts always make me smile. Have missed the daily posts but I do understand how hard it is to find the time to post everyday.

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