Day 660: One good deed deserves another

um, his bus was a more modern version....

Wanted to share a story with you I heard today from a friend of mine. He told me the story, not to point out his own good deed but because he thought it was funny. And it is. But his kind gesture also warmed my heart and I hope it will yours, too.

My friend, Dave, was on the bus when he looked out the window and saw an elderly man struggling with a broken wheel on his pull-along grocery cart (the kind you can fold up).

Even though he was nowhere near his destination (and bus fare is currently $3 here in Toronto), he hopped off the bus so he could help the man move his cart.

When Dave offered his help to the man, however, the man started to laugh. “Oh, this old thing pops off all the time,” he said, picking up the wheel and popping it back into place.

He thanked my friend though, and was touched that he got off the bus just to help him.

As a sign that one good turn can often lead to another, the bus driver (who had noticed why my friend got off the bus), waited for a bit at the next stop until Dave could run and get back on. Not only that, the driver let him on without having to pay another fare. Nice, huh?

And my good deed today? I sent off a postcard to a complete stranger. A little girl undergoing cancer treatments in the U.S. who I heard (via another friend) needed cheering up. I sent her some knock-knock jokes… always a classic I figured.

P.S. Song of the day: An original written and sung by my friend, Dave, himself. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Pic from HERE.


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