Day 662: Money talks

My niece gave me the idea for today’s deed. She has two part-time jobs in addition to her full-time studies and both jobs involve working with cash and making change.

She told me that occasionally she’ll come across bills with writing on them. Sometimes someone’s name, or “Happy Birthday” or a random number and that they’re fun to find — like coming across a secret note or message.

So she wanted to “pay it forward” by writing a cheery message on random bills now and then and mixing them in with the rest of her bills. I love this idea and decided to “borrow” it. 🙂

I didn’t feel bold enough to write in pen, however, so I found a dark pencil (on the outside chance someone might object to scribbles on their cash) and jotted down the note you see in the picture above.

Then at church today, I put this $5 bill in the collection basket. My hope is that whoever volunteers to count the parish’s collection gets a smile out of finding it.

p.s. This video made my day. Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 662: Money talks

  1. Yay you are blogging again :))) (sorry just noticed haha) I love the writing on the money idea! Might try that!

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