Day 665: There’s a rainbow always after the rain

I was wandering around the interweb, as we do, and I came across this lovely story of a random act of kindness on a Harry Potter fan Tumblr of all places (yes, I am wild about Harry). Since it was also rainy here today, I thought I’d share:

I’m knackered! Went to the city with my mother to do some thiiiiings and on the train home a random guy offered me an umbrella:

Random guy: Excuse me, would you like an umbrella?

Me: Um, ok?

Random guy: Yeah, I was giving them out to some homeless people and I still have two left, and it’s about to rain.

Me: Oh! Oh, thank you very much! *thinking* omg you perfect man let me love you.

I didn’t have a hood on my coat or anything so it really came in handy on the walk home, I’d be doubly exhausted and beaten up by the pounding sheets of rain and awful wind, damn you British weather.

And my good deed today? I took a minute to talk to the person who worked outside my office building on this cold, wet day, filling planters with flowers (pictured up top). I told her how beautiful they looked and complimented her on a job well done… maybe she would’ve preferred an umbrella. 🙂

p.s. Song for a rainy day (vid credit: crizamgb). Enjoy!


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