Day 667: Pianos are grand

“Play me a song, you’re the piano … lady.”

You may notice I skipped over Day 666 … sorry, creeped me out, lol.

I meant to post this last week but got sidetracked, so I apologize … I took this photo coming back from a work conference in Minneapolis. Now, I don’t have the kind of job where I get to go to many work conferences… in fact this was my first one. Ever. … and it all happened last minute, so I was a tad stressed out over the whole thing, to say the least.

Add to that, my ineptitude in booking my flights (which resulted in me almost not having a ticket home!) and the basic stress of going through airport security, and I was more than a little tense on my return trip. … In fact, I was fully prepared to kiss the ground when I landed back in Canada.

There was one glowing bright spot to the trip home, however. I came through the airport luggage x-ray contraption where your bags … and shoes … get scanned, and as I scrambled to zip up my suitcase, make sure I still had my passport, and put my sock feet into my boots, I heard the most beautiful music.

I stumbled into the open area and, like an angel greeting you at the Pearly Gates, a lovely lady sat at a grand piano playing a classical concerto. It was so peaceful and calming, I wanted to throw my arms around her.

I refrained however, and scrambled to find some change to leave in whatever tip receptacle  I could find. All I found, however, was a small sign explaining that she wasn’t a grand-piano-toting busker, but a volunteer.

So instead of rushing to my gate, I took a deep breath and waited until she was finished her piece. Then I walked over and thanked her and told her she played beautifully. Which she did.

Amazing what a little music at just the right time can do….


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