Day 672: Waiting on the world to change

Saw this in a Nashville ice cream shop and it made me smile…. yes, I left a LARGE tip. 🙂

As many of you probably are, I’m still reeling from hearing about the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado, this week.

And sadly, just a few days before, right here in Toronto, several innocent bystanders were shot during a violent altercation at a neighbourhood block party just a short bike ride from where I grew up.

With so much anger and hate in the world, it strikes me even more when I see simple acts of kindness during the day.

Just yesterday, a woman standing waiting at the crosswalk beside me accidentally dropped a handful of family photographs and they started to blow across the street in the wind.

Without hesitation, a bunch of strangers around her (me included), lunged into traffic to grab her pictures for her before they could fly away.

Despite the darkness that’s out there, there’s so much more light. I truly believe that.

I can’t achieve world peace or stop crime, but I can try to be kinder. That I can do.

P.S. And listen to good music. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 672: Waiting on the world to change

  1. Yes, definitely still reeling from the horrific, tragic events in Colorado. Toronto too, these acts of violence are always a shock. Sending a lot of love and prayers to those involved and hurt, too many lost lives.
    I agree however, amongst the darkness in the world there is always a stronger light that prevails and yes, we can all be a little kinder and more helpful to others, we can add a little more light.
    Love your little acts of kindness and how you share them. A little light from many can make a difference. Love your blogs!
    Some great music such as the video you posted will always warm your heart too and let you see the goodness that is out there, for sure.

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