Day 673: Unexpected good deeds

I also love seeing flowers in unexpected places!

It’s amazing once you start paying attention, how many small random acts of kindness you can notice over the course of a day.

I took a walk down to the lake today and saw a life-saving one. The road I took has a stop light where a lot of cars make speedy left turns. If you’re walking north on the road, it’s hard to see the turning cars because of the angle of the intersection.

I was walking south, stopped at the red and noticed a group of runners jogging in place on the opposite corner as they waited for the light to turn green. When it did, an older man came out of nowhere from behind them pulling a rickety shopping trolley and started to rush into the intersection. He didn’t see the cars turning left about to mow him down, but the runners did.

They collectively called out for him to stop and he jumped back onto the curb just in time.

I think it stunned him a little because once the coast was clear, they all continued across and only when he got to the other side did he wave at the runners and called out, “Thank you!” It must have just hit him what a close call it had been.

And me? I told a perfect stranger how beautiful her hat was. Not life-saving but it did make her smile! 🙂

P.S. Gotta love these kinds of good deeds. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 673: Unexpected good deeds

  1. Two weeks ago while I was out for a 5 mile run on a busy street in my neighborhood, I saw another runner coming at me approximately 75 feet ahead. While I was running facing the traffic, she was running with the flow of traffic. In my 3 years of running I have always run against the flow of traffic–the reason, I want to see the driver, just in case the driver does not see me; at least this gives me the opportunity to jump out of the way.As fate would have it, a car coming at a fairly high rate of speed for a residential street, was making a bee-line right for the other runner. I was screaming at her to jump the curb. Thankfully she did and avoided getting hit, but the driver had no clue what could have happened, she was too busy on her cell phone and was not paying attention. Let me tell you, there were two runners quite shaken up. She picked herself up and I picked up my heart. While I spent the better part of the next 3 miles thinking, I realized I have made many mistakes while running on the roads and thought I would share a few tips to make us all safer runners and walkers.

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