Day 674: Opposite of road rage

This actually happened last night. My husband and I were stopped at a light. In the rain. And a stranger ran up and knocked on the driver’s side window to let us know that we hadn’t secured the gas cap and it was dangling down the side of the car.

When he knocked, I’m embarrassed to say I thought he was a squeegee kid looking for business.

The most remarkable thing about the stranger is that he was driving the car behind us. So he had to physically get out of his own car, run up to ours, knock on the window, tell us about the cap, actually put the cap back on, and then run back before the light changed. Now that should be an Olympic event.

I’m still blown away by him going out of his way like that. He could’ve just honked or waved or left it for someone else to notice. But no. He took it upon himself to do something.

It reminded it me of something my niece said recently. In her psychology class they were studying the phenomenon whereby you’re less likely to get emergency help if a crowd of people are nearby versus just one or two people.

That’s because in a crowd, you’re more likely to presume someone else will offer assistance. When my niece learned about this, she said she decided that she would keep that in mind and always try to be that one person who stepped forward to help. I felt so proud to hear her say that.

And even prouder when she said she was able to put her good intentions into action. She saw a girl fall off her bike on a busy downtown street and while other passersby were too frozen to do anything, she rushed over to the girl and call 911 and then others stopped to help as well.

I’m definitely the “deer in the headlights” type of person in an emergency, so I’m going to try and keep her story in mind and maybe more like her when I grow up….

P.S. Song for the day, speaking of roads….


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