Day 675: Return to sender

Love this idea! (Click pic 4 source.)

Very spooky, but just after I posted Day 674 about being the one person in a crowd to step up and help someone, I actually got the chance to do it.

It happened when I was out shopping with my sister (she was shopping, I was change-room quality control … “yes, that looks great on you!” …or, more often: “don’t you have that exact top?”).

While she was at the cash register with her purchases, I took a seat near the front. About 10 or so other customers and staff were milling around up there and there was a short lineup to check out.

Once my sister got to the front of the line, she picked up a cellphone in a bright pink case and said, “Oh, someone must have left this behind.” Everyone turned around to stare at it and it was like time stood still for a few moments.

It really was just like that psychological study where, because there were so many people around, everyone was sort of waiting for someone else to make the first move.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the people who’d just left the store out in the parking lot and my niece’s words about wanting to be that first person who jumps in to help actually ran through my mind. Really, they did.

So I leapt out of my seat, ran out the door waving my arms like a crazy person and called out, “Did someone leave their phone inside???”

Of course, in today’s world, mentioning a lost phone will likely get a quicker reaction than a lost child, so the whole gang of them ran back into the store with me.

Glad to report a happy ending as the youngest of the group was reunited with her hot pink lifeline and thanked me profusely.

I’m sure if I hadn’t run out, someone else in the store would have been that “first person to help” but, to be honest, I kind of surprised myself that that person was me for once.

P.S. New favourite song. Enjoy!


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