Day 681: Back-to-back good deeds

TTC-Streetcar-Snow-TorontoI rode the bus with some very kind people today. It was a standing-room only crowd all bundled up because the weather turned bitterly cold today.

When a couple got on with their two small boys, an elderly Asian lady, her cheeks crinkling as she smiled, struggled up to her feet to offer them a seat.

The mom turned to ask the youngest boy if he wanted to sit down, he shook his head no, as did the older boy. So they thanked her and she sat back down.

Then the bus rocketed around the corner and everyone standing, including the young family, struggled to hang on and keep their balance. So a young man in a single seat also stood up and offered the boys a seat. Again they said no, probably because we were about to pull into the station.

It still warmed my heart to see that even during rush hour, strangers could show each other kindness.

I was reminded of that kindness later in the day when I dropped off some pasta and tomato sauce into the food bank bins by the Christmas tree in the lobby of our office building. They were overflowing by then and I had a difficult time fitting my bag in. Very nice to see.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

P.S. Song for the day, “The Prayer” … enjoy!


One thought on “Day 681: Back-to-back good deeds

  1. I do enjoy practicing random acts of kindness. It is second nature to me and I can’t even remember half of them. I work on the theory that if I am kind and nice, and others see it, they will follow suite. 🙂 Have a merry Christmas 🙂

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