Day 692: Surrey boy delivers 3,500 Christmas pyjamas to needy kids

Heard this story on CBC radio and it blew me away.

Christmas Pyjamas for kids
Click pic to watch video.

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 1.20.07 PM

Three years ago, nine-year-old Reese Shelley’s life changed because of a pair of Christmas pyjamas.

He received a pair for the holidays, as he does every year, but was inspired to begin collecting nightclothes for other children when he realized how lucky he was. Shelley was shocked to learn other children didn’t receive the kind of gifts he did at Christmas.

His mother, Erin Shelley said he asked: “they don’t even get pyjamas, mum?”

The first year, Shelley’s goal was to collect 50 pairs of pyjamas — the family collected 300.

So, Reese set a new goal for the following Christmas.

“One time he says, ‘yeah, I want there to be 1000 pairs of pyjamas’ and that’s what he told us. And  then all of a sudden he started talking to someone else, ‘no I want 1500.’ OK, that’s our new goal I guess, and we run with that,” said his father Todd Shelley.

As news of the seasonal assembly line spread, pyjama drives sprang up throughout B.C. They spread to  Alberta, Saskatchewan and across the border into Washington state.

Shelley promotes the cause at schools and community groups. He’s inspired a growing network of child “pyjama ambassadors.”

This year, he led a legion of Santa’s helpers to his local Christmas charity, bearing more than 3,500 flannel presents for other kids.

“I feel like I’ve done something, that I’ve tucked someone in for Christmas Eve,” he said.


And I love this comment on the cbc site:
“Reese you are an amazing young man, I hope you grow up to be the Prime Minister of our country, we need someone in the job that cares as much as you do <3”


p.s. I didn’t even think of pyjamas when our office had its Christmas drive… instead, I put a game of Snakes & Ladders under the tree, lol. Next year! 🙂


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