Day 693: British man reunites with “Mike” — the good samaritan who talked him out of suicide in 2008

I’ve been following this story ever since I watch this initial video:

And like so many others who saw it, I shared the story with my friends in the U.K.

Well, so many people did share that “Mike” was finally found. Yay!!! Here’s the video!

Here’s a recap of the whole story:

Earlier this month, a man from the U.K. named Jonny Benjamin started a social media campaign called #FindMike to track down the stranger who convinced him not to end his life in 2008.

This week, Benjamin found “Mike,” whose real name is Neil Laybourn, according to Rethink Mental Illness, the organization that helped launch Benjamin’s search. In the video above, you can watch the men’s heartwarming reunion.

It was Laybourn’s fiancee who saw Benjamin’s story and made the connection, BBC News reported. Laybourn quickly reached out.

Benjamin also filmed a YouTube video about his search and wrote a blog post for The Huffington Post UK — all so he could thank the good Samaritan who stopped him from jumping off the Waterloo Bridge in London six years ago.

“You can tell he just understands and he doesn’t judge,” Benjamin says in the video above. “He just sits there with this kind of big smile, I think everyone could do with a friend like Neil.”

I only hope I’d be as brave and compassionate as Mike if I saw someone in need.

Need help? In Canada, call 911 or find a crisis line in your area, here. In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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