Day 694: Coats for Syria

My bundle of winter wear.
My bundle of winter wear.

We have some lovely peeps in our office. Two so far have grown their hair then cut it to donate to cancer patients. And now, another coworker has volunteered to collect coats, scarves, boots, and other winter wear and bring it to the drop off at Sunnybrook Hospital for the Coats From Canada drive.

Dr. Jay Dahman and paramedic Mark Cameron at Sunnybrook — both members of the Canadian International Medical Relief Organization (CIMRO)  —  initiated the clothing drive to get winter clothing to those in need in  war-torn Syria.

Cameron told CBC News: “We’ve seen kids without shoes walking barefoot in the snow without winter coats, without hats, without toques, mitts and so forth and frankly many of them are dying every night there as we speak.” And on the CIMRO Facebook page: “Syrian kids are dying of hypothermia on a daily basis.” They’ve both been to Syria several times, to care for the wounded.

We’ve all been complaining about the “polar vortex” and what a brutal winter this has been, but we have the advantage of living in a peaceful country and, for most of us, having at least a coat and shoes, if not snow boots.

So I can’t even imagine what it must be like for the Syrians right now.

10dollarbillI bundled up what I could from my closet and got myself a bonus in the process. In one of the coats I was donating, I found an old $10 bill … guess I should donate that as well.

Learn more (or find out how to make a donation) here.


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