Day 701: A Mighty Girl, indeed

I am so humbled and inspired by this young woman and I bet you will be too. Wow.

Click pic 4 source.
Click pic 4 source.

A Mighty Girl
18-year-old Angel Magnussen of British Columbia, Canada wanted to make 5-year-old Marcus Cirillo a special gift after learning that his father, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, was killed last week while standing guard in front of the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa. The kind-hearted teen with Down syndrome makes blankets for sick children and decided to make Marcus a special one so that he could have a “warm hug”.

“She was quite determined that when she made his blanket that one of the hearts that’s quilted into it, has the letters ‘DAD’ quilted into it so that each time he hugged that blanket he would feel his dad and know that his dad loved him,” Angel’s mom Cheryl explained. The airline WestJet hand-carried the blanket to Hamilton, Ontario where RCMP officers agreed to deliver Angel’s gift to Cirillo’s regiment to give to the boy.

Angel’s compassion for others has been a driving force throughout her life. She began fundraising for children’s charities at age five and has raised over $270,000 for groups such as Variety the Children’s Charity of BC, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and The Relay for Life. Angel has also founded her own non-profit, Hugginz By Angel, for which she makes and donates a variety of blankets, pillows, and knit hats for hospitalized children. As she describes on her website, “After I sew a blanket for a specific child I fill it full of love, hugs and prayers for that child. I want to make sure that every sick child is wrapped up in a warm hug.”

In 2012, at age 16, Angel was named Scotiabank National Game Changer for the remarkable impact she made in her community, her incredible leadership skills, and the challenges she had to overcome to give back to the charity. She won $100,000 which was donated on her behalf to The Children’s Charity of British Columbia. The multi-talented teen also paints pictures which she sells to support her many charitable efforts.

Kudos to this generous-spirited Mighty Girl for all of her incredible work on behalf of others!

To learn more about Angel’s non-profit, visit the Hugginz By Angel website.

To show children how one act of kindness can bloom into something much greater, we recommend “Plant a Kiss” for ages 2 to 8.

For books to inspire your Mighty Girl to make a difference, both locally and globally, check out our blog “Making an Impact: Mighty Girl Books about Charity and Community Service.”

For two wonderful children’s books about kids with Down syndrome, both for ages 4 to 8, check out “We’ll Paint the Octopus Red” and “My Friend Isabelle.”

And, for Mighty Girls stories for children and teens focused on healing after a loss or remembering loved ones, visit our section on “Death & Grief.”


All Angel asks visitors to her website to do is to spread the word about her wonderful work, which I’m happy to do. “Angel” — her name certainly fits.


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