Day 712: Do the right thing

Just read this story on Apartment Therapy (dangerously addictive site, btw šŸ™‚ ) and wanted to share… it’s heartwarming to find out that even in the face of great temptation, there are still honest people in this world.


 Pin it button big Reese Wekhoven (left) and Lara Russo (right) with the cash they found in their sofa. Photo via The Little Rebellion
Reese Wekhoven (left) and Lara Russo (right) with the cash they found in their sofa. Photo via The Little Rebellion

Most of us are lucky to find a few pennies, maybe a quarter in our couches, but three roommates at State University New York at New Paltz did much, much better. They decided to investigate why their 20 buck thrift store steal was making their movie marathons so lumpy, so they unzipped the cover and began pulling out bag after bag of cash ā€” nearly $40,000.

As college kids, we’re sure they could have found plenty of ways to use the extra cash, but Reese Werkhoven, Lara Russo and Cally Guasti always knew they were going to do the right thing. They noticed a name on one of the envelopes and, with some research, located the women to whom the bounty belonged. Says Werkhoven, “It’s not our money, we didn’t have any right to it.”

The owner? A 91-year-old widow who’d spent 30 years stashing the money in her sofa, only to have her children donate it to the Salvation Army while she was recovering from a recent surgery.

And the happy ending for our three good samaritans? Besides the lifetime supply of good karma, they split a reward of $1000. Sounds like a win win to us.

Via Eyewitness News New York and The Little Rebellion

(Image credits: Shutterstock; The Little Rebellion)

Full story here.

(And apparently the original couch owner’s family had donated the couch to Goodwill because she’d been sleeping on it and they wanted to replace it with a new bed where she could recover from her surgery.)

And what was my good deed today? I helped a lady up some stairs and carried her Nexxus rollator/walker up for her. My mom has the same model so I knew how to fold it up but, man, those things are heavy. Thankfully a strong guy was around to help her when it was time to come down. šŸ™‚

Song for today (warning: ear worm plus!), Do the Right Thing:


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