Day 717: #25000 Tuques


Sometimes Facebook is awesome. I just saw a link to this CBC story on a Quebecer named Danielle Létourneau who is using FB to organize a knitting campaign to help give Syrian refugees to Canada a warm welcome — literally.

knitting-for-syrian-refugeessmallThrough her FB page, 25000 Tuques, knitters across the province (and now beyond) are stitching together tuques to give to newcomers and including a personal note of welcome in each one.

I love how Danielle describes her project on her bilingual site:

25 000 Tuques is about creating a tuque for distribution to the refugees with a small, personalized welcome message slipped inside by the « knitter ».

Yes, it’s pretty symbolic and It’s based on when we put a tuque on a new born baby but it’s also because we want a better fabric for our society, one that is tightly knitted together… No it does not exempt you from taking other actions. It’s our very own small way of welcoming them and make a direct and humane connection.

Knitting helps; it help us feel a bit less powerless and it helps keep someone warm. Our knitting, our time, our attention is a concrete gesture that trumps all petitions.

It’s humble but it gives us the time to talk, to think and to love a bit better.

It takes two hours to knit a simple tuques with average size knitting needles. Two hours spread apart between whenever you have the time; in the metro, in the house… At that rhythm we will not flood Quebec with tuques: It takes two hours to help welcome someone. The way I see it, and I don’t know what you think of it, it’s already so much better than doing nothing.

Watch this map for drop-off centres to be added.

I’ve never knitted a tuque before but I’m going to give it a go!

A great song to knit by:


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