Day 724: Once upon a time, stories saved my life

I read about this campaign today to help the Children’s Book Bank here in Toronto and knew I had to get myself to the bookstore.

This little “bank” hands out more than 100,000 free books each year to kids in need. There’s a Good Book Drive initiative under way this month that asks donors to buy their favourite children’s book and write what it means to them on the inside cover before donating it to one of these drop-off locations:

  • The Children’s Book Bank – 350 Berkeley Street
  • The Scullery – 200 Carlton Street
  • Tiny Record Shop – 804 Queen Street East
  • Dark Horse Espresso – 630 Queen Street East
  • Love Me Do – 50 Lynn Williams Street
  • Type Books – 883 Queen Street West
  • Indie88 – 20 Hanna Avenue
  • Betty’s – 240 King St. East
  • Analogue Gallery – 673 Queen Street West
  • Doll Factory my Damzels – 394 Roncesvalles Ave & 1122 Queen Street East
  • Reunion Island Coffee Bar – 385 Roncesvalles Ave
  • Town Barber – 1114 Dundas Street West
  • Ella Minnow – 991 Kingston Road
  • Capital Espresso -1349 Queen Street West

I am ON it!

Some of my earliest (and fondest) memories are of my mom reading to my younger sister and I before bed. She’d act out all the voices and have us on the edge of our seats, well, mattresses. She taught us how to read before we got to kindergarten and because we saw her engrossed in novels when she found the time, we too developed a love of reading.

If fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say reading books and writing stories saved my life… got me through some very painful times in my childhood. Gave me hope. Welcomed me into brave new worlds. Held my hand while I stepped through that wardrobe right into Narnia. Okay, I’ll stop now because my eyes just got very watery and I have zero tissues handy.

The tough part will be which book to get, how to hold myself back from clearing a shelf, and what to write inside that won’t require gluing in 46 more pages.

detectI think I’ll get this one, if I can find it. I read the whole series when I was in Grade 4. (Yes, there’s a series.)

A detective that’s a pig may not seem realistic to you, but Freddy was my hero — quick of wit, a master of disguise, and he always saved the day.

Which book would you choose?


Wow, in trying to track down this book, I came across a group called “Friends of Freddy” … they even have conventions … MY PEOPLE!!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 724: Once upon a time, stories saved my life

  1. This is such a cool thing! One of my faves when my kids were young is “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown….
    A Freddy fandom could be fun…. Just sayin

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