Day 736: Paying it forward… on wheels

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You hear the term “paying it forward” a lot, and I’m here to tell you how cool it feels when you actually get to do that.

This was a small example, but hey, every little bit helps, right?

A couple of weeks ago, after a looooong day, I fell asleep on my bus. So fast asleep that I missed my stop.

Now, this wouldn’t be such a big deal on a regular bus, but I was on an express bus that, after my stop, hopped back on the expressway, rocketed north a few kilometres and snaked through tiny streets that I’d never seen.

When I woke up and realized what had happened, I panicked and asked the young woman next to me, who wore a hijab and really cute eyeglasses, where we were.

She told me and looked more upset than I was because, as it turned out, I woke up IMMEDIATELY after the bus pulled away from my stop.

To complicate matters further, my husband was waiting for me at my bus stop.

Photo: @streetsoftoronto on IG

Thank goodness for cell phones. I got off the bus as soon as I could and, coincidentally, the young woman beside me got off at the same stop.

She must’ve noticed how confused I looked on this strange street in the dark because she walked back from the crosswalk to give me explicit instructions on where we were so I could describe it to my husband when I called him.

Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things… I mean, I was only about a 10-minute drive away from my original stop. But still, I was touched that she could see I was freaked out, and took the time to help me.

Fast forward to this past week. I was waiting for my express bus again (having fully caffeinated this time 🙂 ) and a different bus came by first.

Just when the bus closed its doors and started to drive away, I spotted an older woman carrying heavy bags bolt out of a nearby building and start running for the bus.

Without thinking, I started waving my arms around to try and catch the driver’s attention, jumping and flailing like I was at a Leafs game. The lady behind me started doing the same thing and the bus screeched to a halt and the woman with the bags got on.

“I’ve been there,” I said to the lady behind me and we both laughed.

Moral of the story: We commuters have to stick together. 🙂


Song of the day… enjoy!


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