Day 756: Dishing out good deeds

2010-11-05_337.jpgOur office manager has been away on vacation for the past two weeks and usually when that happens, by the time she gets back, our office kitchen looks like poltergeists were let loose in it.

Not exaggerating.

She gets back on Monday, so I spent some time the last few days, putting other people’s dishes in the dishwasher and generally tidying up.

The strange this is, I think a bunch of people were doing the same thing, because I have NEVER seen the place look so tidy while our office manager is away.

Nothing like teamwork, am I right? 🙂

I also supported a friend who was growing a moustache for the first time for November, to raise money for prostate cancer research. I wish I could’ve given more because it was a valiant effort by my friend (who is Asian and said that he didn’t think he could even grow one, lol). Well, he did, and raised more than $700 for the cause, which I thought was awesome!

Song for the day:

I happened by this performing arts school choir today at a charity event singing a medley from Sister Act (His Eye is on the Sparrow and Joyful, Joyful) and WOW, they were incredible, enjoy!

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