Day 761: The gift of warmth

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 1.24.09 PM.png
No, I’m not about to pull a heist… just trying to minimize frostbite.


It’s Family Day here in Ontario … a time to spend with loved ones, reflect on family times, or simply celebrate having a long weekend in the middle of freezing February.

I thought Family Day was the perfect time to update you about the Winter Clothing Drive I mentioned in my last post.

NewCirclesSign.jpgThere’s an amazing not-for-profit, grass-roots organization located in my neighbourhood called New Circles that provides clothing and social programs for those in need, many of whom are newcomers to Canada.

In fact, going for walks around the neighbourhood, I’ve often seen whole families of newcomers leaving New Circles with big smiles and faces full of hope after receiving the support that the agency freely offers.

So I recently checked their website looking for ways to help and saw that they were having a Winter Clothing Drive.


NewCirclesDropOff.jpgMy colleagues are a generous bunch, so I enlisted the help of our philanthropic committee to launch a company-wide collection of winter coats (adults and kids), boots, scarves, hats, mitts, and boy did everyone come through.

Our company is a small one, but in only a few short days, we collected several bags of gently worn, winter wear. I dropped them off at New Circles and made sure to thank the volunteers there for all the great work they do.

It’s been a brutally cold winter here and I can’t imagine arriving in Canada without 16 layers of woolies to keep you warm.

What warmed my heart was seeing how generous my coworkers were, and how quick they were to step up to help other individuals, other families.

Happy Family Day, all!


Song for the day: Was blessed to hear this live when Leonard Cohen last performed in Toronto… sister harmony for Family Day. Enjoy!

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