Day 757: And I will give you rest

Saw this story today and wanted to share. We Canadians know just how cold and unforgiving winter can be, so I can’t even imagine the struggles homeless people have to deal with this season. This lovely, caring church group in Winnipeg provides winter shelter for those in need, but also got together to crochet plastic […]

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Day 691: Knitting us together

I posted earlier this week about how relaxing knitting can be. Then today at, I read this amazing story by Emily Fitzpatrick about an Edmonton grandmother who knitted 1,000 hats for the homeless this year. Aaaaand, today’s Google doodle is a cool knitting gif to celebrate the winter solstice (not sure how that relates, […]

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Day 648: Whale of a good deed

Most of my good deeds have involved people, but I do try to be kind to animals, as well. I’ve fed, watered and walked the pets of friends and family members. Once, I even adopted a visiting pigeon I named Rusty (long story). This may sound strange, but out of all creatures great and small, […]

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Day 257: Fly away

Sorry this post is late, folks. I’ve been on an amazing seven-day road trip and have gotten out of synch with my timing. Travelling offers lots of opportunities for good deeds, however (both the giving and receiving end), so I look forward to sharing those stories with you. At the airport, for example, I came […]

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