Day 757: And I will give you rest

Saw this story today and wanted to share. We Canadians know just how cold and unforgiving winter can be, so I can’t even imagine the struggles homeless people have to deal with this season. This lovely, caring church group in Winnipeg provides winter shelter for those in need, but also got together to crochet plastic […]

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Day 194: Tree time

Guess you could call me a tree hugger. It’s not that I’m a big environmentalist or anything. It’s just that I often have the urge to give a beautiful tree a great big hug. Today was no exception. A windstorm blew through Southern Ontario the other day, knocking down signs and toppling big trees. At […]

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Day 189: Joyeux Noël

I’d like to wish you a very peaceful Christmas and a New Year filled with love and hope. I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend the day with family and made a real effort to think about all those who were not so fortunate today. Those who had to work, were in hospital, overseas […]

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Day 182: What a card

Nothing like the holidays to make you over think things. I was at my local shopping plaza today at the automatic driver’s license renewal kiosk and found someone had left their credit card in the machine. I looked around but couldn’t see anyone who appeared to be looking for a card. (Not sure what I […]

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