Day 741: Elevator diaries

So, how’s your day going? Busy? Not busy enough? I hear ya. Mine’s going okay, pretty quiet. So quiet that something occurred to me today. I realized that without consciously thinking about it, I’ve started to talk to strangers more than I used to. Now, the thought of saying even “Hello” to a stranger used […]

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Day 727: Sneaky cards

I love this! This Instagrammer got a demo copy of the new “pay it forward” game, Sneaky Cards, and is sharing each card on IG. . I’ve actually done this one before for GDAD and just hoped the person who found the coins in the machine might think to do the same for someone else, […]

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Day 725: Random Acts of Kindness Day

So apparently it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day today — aka every day here at GDAD. ­čÖé In honour of this special day, thought I’d share stories of some┬ávery lovely gestures of kindness that happened during the big Ottawa snowstorm yesterday (via @CBCOttawa on twitter). I went to university in our nation’s capital┬áso I know […]

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Day 688: De-stress yourself

Wow, I’ve been away for longer than I thought, lol. But I just got back from a vacation and I got this sudden urge to share some of the relaxation I experienced. (And should last for maybe an hour now that I’m back at work. ­čÖé ) I’m convinced that nothing is more relaxing than […]

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Day 677: Pan-demonium

I saw something today that I just had to share. Something small. But something lovely. I was waiting in line at a lunch place near my office and it was later than I usually have lunch so my stomach was literally growling. So was I… hunger makes me cranky. And just ahead of me was […]

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