Day 729: We are in this together

. Stumbled across this photo and had to share. It reminded me that acts of kindness can occur in the most unlikely places. I’ve been practicing “random acts of friendliness” lately, which doesn’t sound like much except that I might be the least friendly person I know. Not that I don’t like people, I do. […]

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Day 728: For the love of lattes

Facebook can make me crazy. Between the ranting and the humble-bragging, sometimes I wonder why I even signed on. But then I see a post like this (shared by a lovely friend) … one that makes my day, and I remember why I’m still there. I’ve never turned road rage on its head like this guy did […]

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Day 727: Sneaky cards

I love this! This Instagrammer got a demo copy of the new “pay it forward” game, Sneaky Cards, and is sharing each card on IG. . I’ve actually done this one before for GDAD and just hoped the person who found the coins in the machine might think to do the same for someone else, […]

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Day 725: Random Acts of Kindness Day

So apparently it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day today — aka every day here at GDAD. 🙂 In honour of this special day, thought I’d share stories of some very lovely gestures of kindness that happened during the big Ottawa snowstorm yesterday (via @CBCOttawa on twitter). I went to university in our nation’s capital so I know […]

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Day 427: Crate expectations

Today, I travelled many miles to help my niece move into her new off-campus pad with four friends. (That’s not my good deed, however.) So many things have changed about student life since I was in university (like, where were the books, for example?), that I was gobsmacked to see her cart out a staple […]

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Day 163: God bless the child

The nightly newscast I watched years ago used to open every telecast with these words: “It’s 11 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?’ I’m not sure why they did that, but it scared me back then and still does, especially when you read some of the frightening statistics. Did you know that, in […]

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Day 72: Lost in translation

I’ve mentioned in previous posts my directional dyslexia. If I have a strong inclination to turn left, my destination usually ends up to be on the right. Strangely enough, there’s something about this condition that is a magnet for tourists. Even if I’m standing with a group of friends, I’m the one singled out for […]

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