Day 739: Falling for transit

So, I came across this story today and it really hit home (no pun intended). Ever since I had a bad fall last September on a city street and dislocated and broke my wrist, I have been very nervous walking down the stairs at the subway. Just like the man in this story, I’d been […]

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Day 573: Hockey star help

Sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of days. I’ve been good deeding like crazy but falling behind on telling you about them. I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and will definitely try to get back on track! So what have I been doing? Mostly helping out strangers with directions. For some reason, on even the […]

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Day 242: Tag-team heroes

Today was very low key in the good-deed department. I did try to be as pleasant and polite as possible to a telemarketer who called offering me furniture refinishing services. Thing is, I have no need for these services, and they always seem to call at the precise moment my toast pops. However, I tried […]

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Day 220: Open-door policy

I think this good-deedery might finally be sinking in. Entering a building today, I saw an elderly lady taking halted steps toward the door. I held it open and waited out in the cold until she made it outside. She gave me a big smile and thanked me, but I should have been the one […]

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Day 178: Seeing is believing

This is going to sound a little crazy but it’s true. I was paying for a purchase today and said hello to the cashier and asked how he was doing. (Okay, that’s not the crazy part.) He said “Fine” and smiled and I asked if it was a busy night and he said yes, but […]

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