Day 727: Sneaky cards

I love this! This Instagrammer got a demo copy of the new “pay it forward” game, Sneaky Cards, and is sharing each card on IG. . I’ve actually done this one before for GDAD and just hoped the person who found the coins in the machine might think to do the same for someone else, […]

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Day 726: Happy Leap Year!

. Okay, this video is pretty cheesy, but I like it. It reminds me how even the smallest gestures of kindness can turn someone’s day around, and have a ripple effect. They certainly do for me. You know those people who have a sunny glow about them and always cheer you up every time you […]

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Day 725: Random Acts of Kindness Day

So apparently it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day today — aka every day here at GDAD. ­čÖé In honour of this special day, thought I’d share stories of some┬ávery lovely gestures of kindness that happened during the big Ottawa snowstorm yesterday (via @CBCOttawa on twitter). I went to university in our nation’s capital┬áso I know […]

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Day 723: Strangers on a train

Back on Christmas Eve, I took the subway home and the driver came over the loudspeaker in a super cheery voice and said, “Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a Pisces and enjoy long walks on the beach. This is the happiest train on the Bloor-Danforth Line and I can prove it. Look around. People are smiling.” […]

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Day 719: Matthew’s Legacy

Read┬áthis incredible story today and wanted to share. An Ontario mom in California, Jamie-Lynn Knighten, was touched by the kindness of a stranger, Matthew Jackson, 28, who paid her $200 grocery bill when her cards wouldn’t work, only saying “I would be glad to take care of your groceries as long as you promise to […]

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Day 713: Beard for Nepal

A colleague of mine is making a very personal sacrifice to raise funds for the Nepal Disaster Relief effort. He’s planning to shave off his beard — 17 months in the making — if he reaches his fundraising goal of $500. To paraphrase John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this: to lay down […]

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