Day 675: Return to sender

Very spooky, but just after I posted Day 674 about being the one person in a crowd to step up and help someone, I actually got the chance to do it. It happened when I was out shopping with my sister (she was shopping, I was change-room quality control … “yes, that looks great on […]

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Day 670: Honour code

Came across this cool bookstore sign in my online travels today. Not only is it a wonderful use of the honour system, but any effort to share the love of reading, gets top marks in my book (heh, see what I did there? 🙂 ) The sign also reminded me of a toll road I took […]

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Day 667: Pianos are grand

You may notice I skipped over Day 666 … sorry, creeped me out, lol. I meant to post this last week but got sidetracked, so I apologize … I took this photo coming back from a work conference in Minneapolis. Now, I don’t have the kind of job where I get to go to many […]

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Day 664: Kodak moments

. Have you ever lost your camera on vacation and thought all those memories were lost for good? Not gonna lie to you, the odds are not in your favour. BUT I came across an amazing site that has reunited quite a few people with their lost cameras, memory cards and photos. So I thought […]

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