Day 739: Falling for transit

So, I came across this story today and it really hit home (no pun intended). Ever since I had a bad fall last September on a city street and dislocated and broke my wrist, I have been very nervous walking down the stairs at the subway. Just like the man in this story, I’d been […]

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Day 738: The power of music

We’ve probably all experienced the power of music at one time or another … how it can entertain, bewitch, even heal. This story struck me for two reasons. How volunteering can change the life of the volunteer even more than those they’re helping (it’s done that for me). And how music connects with a deep […]

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Day 667: Pianos are grand

You may notice I skipped over Day 666 … sorry, creeped me out, lol. I meant to post this last week but got sidetracked, so I apologize … I took this photo coming back from a work conference in Minneapolis. Now, I don’t have the kind of job where I get to go to many […]

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Day 376: Play me, I’m yours

My good deeds today were small ones. I tried to be more thoughtful and considerate in my everyday dealings … even in the morning, when I’m usually a little slow on the uptake. In fact, I enjoyed my morning coffee so much, I told the young cafe server who made it how good it was. […]

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Day 129: Board member

One of my jobs as a freelancer is proofreading. Most of the time, the documents, articles and other materials are very factual so it’s easy to dot the i’s and cross the t’s without getting emotionally involved in each story. Today, however, was different. I proofread a magazine that included an “In Memoriam” page. One […]

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Day 39: Salad days

Isn’t it great the way music can turn a grey day into a sunny one? This literally happened on Saturday at my friend’s fundraising concert (see Day 38: Sing sing). The clouds threatened rain, but after a few of us got up to sing and play guitar, the sky was as blue as the ocean. […]

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