Day 733: TTC kindness

I heard about this story on CBC radio this morning and had to share the original FB post that sparked the story: I sincerely hope I would jump in and try to help if anything like this ever happens to me. After all, I also don’t leave the house without Advil. 🙂 p.s. Song of […]

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Day 690: By the book

Our company is sponsoring two needy families for Christmas this year and we were all sent the first names, ages and interests of all the family members so that we could give them something they need or want for Christmas. Both families asked for grocery store gift cards as a possible gift and since food […]

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Day 426: Litter ladies

Sometimes litter is downright dangerous. Like today. When rushing to get off the bus, I nearly missed sliding on one of those extra-long beer cans that look like they belong in a Simpsons cartoon. It was not fun to pick this baby up – it was hot and wet and sticky and I dribbled a […]

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Day 390: TGIF

I did a clandestine cleanup of our office kitchen today. Everyone takes a turn for a week on the rotating roster, but I know the person assigned to do it is swamped this week, so I wanted to help out. So when the coast was clear, I played Cinderella and spit and polished what I […]

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