Day 762: Children’s Book Bank

. To say books saved my life would be an understatement. My earliest memories are of my mom reading to me and my sister at bedtime. She’d act out all the parts and bring the stories to life right there in our tiny shared bedroom. I inherited her love of reading, and books like Charlotte’s […]

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Day 529: Book report

Kindle, schmindle, there’s nothing like holding an actual book in your hand and hearing the crinkle of the page as you turn it. So today, I searched for a book I really want to read via my local library system’s website and found out there’s only one copy in the whole city … and it’s […]

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Day 265: Reading room

Libraries are my favourite places on the planet – next to chocolate shops. No, wait … libraries first, then chocolate shops. Closely followed by a store here in Toronto that sells nothing but ribbon. But somewhere in that top list comes book stores. There’s one in particular I’ve mentioned before and I returned today for […]

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Day 236: Book report

When we last saw our plucky heroine, Ms. GoodDeedADay, she was slipping a mysterious volume into an untraceable envelope and setting off on a grand adventure…. Okay, that was me and I was packaging up my paperback (Catch Me If You Can) to pass on anonymously as part of an online book-sharing project called BookCrossing […]

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Day 222: Open book

Today was Family Literacy Day (sponsored by ABC Canada), a day to celebrate parents and kids reading together. In keeping with that theme, I dropped off some children’s books that had been collecting dust on my bookshelf to my neighbourhood eye doctor’s waiting room. (And yes, I did dust them off first…) Last time I […]

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Day 103: Raining frogs

When you’re sitting around waiting — for the bus, the train, life to pass you by — nothing makes time fly like having something interesting to read. I’ve even been known to peruse the instruction booklet for my phone when stuck in a subway tunnel. That was my inspiration this morning — reading, that is, […]

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