Day 735: Ice, ice, baby

. Okay, so it hasn’t been quite this icy on Toronto streets lately, but it has been pretty slippery in spots out there. And I have broken both wrists over the past two years … the left one after a very bad fall that bruised both my arm and my ego. So, forgive me if […]

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Day 247: Shovelling shift

Shovelling snow is one of those practical household skills I am not very good at. Others include ironing — items end up more wrinkled than when I started — and bed making (even fitted sheets hate me). It’s a very underrated talent to be able to wield a heavy shovel quickly and efficiently so as […]

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Day 223: Snow daze

Woke up to a winter wonderland today – a real one. My street looks like a gingerbread village blanketed with fluffy white icing. As much as I fantasize about moving to a warmer climate, this is the type of winter day I’d miss if I did. Cold, crisp air, the quiet hush and powdered sugar […]

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Day 153: Snow angels

It snowed in Toronto today. Small powdered sugar flakes, but lots of ’em. It was just cold enough that instead of melting, they coated the ground like icing. I never realized how much I associated snow with home until I lived in London, England, for one whole winter. It did snow once or twice there […]

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