Day 728: For the love of lattes

Facebook can make me crazy. Between the ranting and the humble-bragging, sometimes I wonder why I even signed on. But then I see a post like this (shared by a lovely friend) … one that makes my day, and I remember why I’m still there. I’ve never turned road rage on its head like this guy did […]

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Day 597: Play it forward

With all the chain-link fences and police presence and building barricades, the downtown core is a little tense right now. Our office building, in fact, has a security guy sitting in the lobby (uniform and everything), when we usually don’t even lock the front doors. Today was the first day of this new “system” so […]

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Day 417: A hot tip

Don’t you love finding a $5 bill in the pocket of an old coat? Or a shiny quarter on the sidewalk? Even spotting a stray penny on the road can make my day. So when I saw some spare change at my feet today at the local coffee shop, I got that warm fuzzy feeling […]

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