Day 733: TTC kindness

I heard about this story on CBC radio this morning and had to share the original FB post that sparked the story: I sincerely hope I would jump in and try to help if anything like this ever happens to me. After all, I also don’t leave the house without Advil. 🙂 p.s. Song of […]

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Day 729: We are in this together

. Stumbled across this photo and had to share. It reminded me that acts of kindness can occur in the most unlikely places. I’ve been practicing “random acts of friendliness” lately, which doesn’t sound like much except that I might be the least friendly person I know. Not that I don’t like people, I do. […]

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Day 723: Strangers on a train

Back on Christmas Eve, I took the subway home and the driver came over the loudspeaker in a super cheery voice and said, “Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a Pisces and enjoy long walks on the beach. This is the happiest train on the Bloor-Danforth Line and I can prove it. Look around. People are smiling.” […]

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Day 659: Starbucks street-team

Sometimes — like the photographer who took this amazing shot — you look up at just the right time to catch a special moment. That happened to me today as I walked around the corner. I was freeeezing, hands jammed in pockets, with one eye on the traffic light counter (I only had four seconds […]

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Day 657: Snow day deeds

Snow has been blowing these past few days here — thankfully, not quite Snowmaggedon … yet. I observed a lovely gesture on the streetcar today that I thought I’d share. It is freeeeezing — so cold even the ice sculptures are shivering — so any wait outside for the bus or streetcar feels like an […]

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Day 630: Camera shy

I’m not someone who’s comfortable approaching strangers. My face flushes and I chuckle nervously … I’m sure I end up frightening them more often than not. But when a random act of niceness is involved, sacrifices need to be made, right? On my walk back from the lakefront at lunch time, I spotted three ladies […]

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