Day 739: Falling for transit

So, I came across this story today and it really hit home (no pun intended). Ever since I had a bad fall last September on a city street and dislocated and broke my wrist, I have been very nervous walking down the stairs at the subway. Just like the man in this story, I’d been […]

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Day 733: TTC kindness

I heard about this story on CBC radio this morning and had to share the original FB post that sparked the story: I sincerely hope I would jump in and try to help if anything like this ever happens to me. After all, I also don’t leave the house without Advil. 🙂 p.s. Song of […]

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Day 723: Strangers on a train

Back on Christmas Eve, I took the subway home and the driver came over the loudspeaker in a super cheery voice and said, “Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a Pisces and enjoy long walks on the beach. This is the happiest train on the Bloor-Danforth Line and I can prove it. Look around. People are smiling.” […]

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Day 657: Snow day deeds

Snow has been blowing these past few days here — thankfully, not quite Snowmaggedon … yet. I observed a lovely gesture on the streetcar today that I thought I’d share. It is freeeeezing — so cold even the ice sculptures are shivering — so any wait outside for the bus or streetcar feels like an […]

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Day 602: Stand-up gal

Is it a good deed to let someone else offer a stranger a helping hand? I ask that question because I sort of had a good-deed standoff with a fellow passenger on the subway today. I boarded a practically empty train and sat across from a young woman wearing shorts and flip-flops. Then, a white-haired […]

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Day 536: Lullaby on Broadview

The Toronto Transit Commission has been having a tough few weeks. First this, um, caffeine-challenged fellow fell asleep on the job … literally. Then, a video of a bus driver who left his vehicle idling — and passengers fuming — while he ran into a coffee shop for an extended break was posted on YouTube. […]

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