Day 761: The gift of warmth

. It’s Family Day here in Ontario … a time to spend with loved ones, reflect on family times, or simply celebrate having a long weekend in the middle of freezing February. I thought Family Day was the perfect time to update you about the Winter Clothing Drive I mentioned in my last post. There’s […]

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Day 757: And I will give you rest

Saw this story today and wanted to share. We Canadians know just how cold and unforgiving winter can be, so I can’t even imagine the struggles homeless people have to deal with this season. This lovely, caring church group in Winnipeg provides winter shelter for those in need, but also got together to crochet plastic […]

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Day 735: Ice, ice, baby

. Okay, so it hasn’t been quite this icy on Toronto streets lately, but it has been pretty slippery in spots out there. And I have broken both wrists over the past two years … the left one after a very bad fall that bruised both my arm and my ego. So, forgive me if […]

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Day 229: Cold comfort

My change-in-pockets-ready-for-anything technique failed me today. Mainly because I ran out of change to put in my pockets. I was walking downtown and even though it was a balmy –5 C, I kept thinking that either winters are getting colder or my tolerance for sub-zero days has dropped significantly. Then I saw him — or […]

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Day 210: Cold comfort

Narrowly escaped a good-deed faux pas today. It was brutally cold in Toronto (minus 21 C with wind chill factored in) — so cold it made your eyes water. As I walked from the subway downtown, I spotted a man wearing a shabby parka, hood pulled way up, holding a paper cup. He was standing […]

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