Day 756: Dishing out good deeds

Our office manager has been away on vacation for the past two weeks and usually when that happens, by the time she gets back, our office kitchen looks like poltergeists were let loose in it. Not exaggerating. She gets back on Monday, so I spent some time the last few days, putting other people’s dishes […]

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Day 744: Poetry Friday

Needed to hear this today. Just in case you do, too, I thought I’d share. Powerful. . Because opening our heart to others often begins with opening our heart to ourselves. And that doesn’t mean letting ourselves off the hook, or giving ourselves an easy ride. But digging deep to be our best selves. Finding […]

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Day 742: Survival of the kindest

. In honour of the upcoming World Peace Weekend (Sept. 23-24), wanted to share this amazing video. It highlights a project that began in Washington State in 2012, called the “Compassion Games” — an antidote to the “Hunger Games” atmosphere of much of our world today. In 2012, there were two teams in the Compassion […]

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Day 741: Elevator diaries

So, how’s your day going? Busy? Not busy enough? I hear ya. Mine’s going okay, pretty quiet. So quiet that something occurred to me today. I realized that without consciously thinking about it, I’ve started to talk to strangers more than I used to. Now, the thought of saying even “Hello” to a stranger used […]

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Day 740: Lone wolf

. Came across this little story today and it really stuck with me. Maybe because of all the crazy headlines and political turmoil out there right now. I’m certainly guilty of letting it get to me and lashing out online or in person about things I have zero control over. I want to keep coming […]

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