Day 533: Cuba libre

I usually end with a song of the day, but I’ve put the song up front this time because hearing this tune is what prompted my good deed today.

I was walking up the subway stairs and heard the familiar strains of the Buena Vista Social Club. Not the actual band of Cuban musicians, unfortunately, but the familiar melody of the song above. It was coming from a lone guitarist who was busking beside the platform, his case open in front of him.

The guitarist looked like he might actually be Cuban, as did the dignified elderly gentleman standing close to him in a worn suit jacket and frayed felt hat. The older man watched intently, nodding in time to the music and tapping his toe. I figured he either loved this particular song … or was the guitar guy’s dad.

I’ve always had a soft spot for anyone brave enough to do anything in front of strangers — whether it’s speak, dance or juggle saws — but I’m most appreciative of those who make music, especially when it wafts along to you at random times in unexpected places.

So I stopped to listen for a bit and when I added my coins to the ones in his case, I caught his eye and gave him a smile of thanks.

After all, it was a small price to pay for a quick trip to Cuba….


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