Day 535: Key to kindness

Key #6 by Todd Bonita*.

I made another donation today to support the Haiti relief effort. I wasn’t planning to but two things prompted me:

1) A news report that featured the chief medical officer of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His own home crumbled in the earthquake and he and his family are now camped out in his little yard, under tarps and tents, including his kids and elderly mother. He leaves them each day to go out and tend to the injured and ailing throughout the disaster zone.

2) Reading this letter in my local paper warmed my heart. Hope it does yours.

“I am thrilled to share an act of kindness demonstrated by Nolan, a Grade 1 student at my school.

“Our school responded to the devastation in Haiti by starting a Key to Kindness wall. For every donation to the Red Cross through the school, students are given a key to place on the wall. I had barely made the announcement to the school to kickstart this venture, when Nolan showed up at the office with a smile on his face to say he was giving his Snack Shack money to the people in Haiti.

“This simple act really touched me. Nolan, along with other students are showing kindness at a time when it really counts.
Sam, public school vice principal, Niagara Falls

*More Todd Bonita artwork HERE.

P.S. Prayer for the Children.


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